Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations are a vital part of workplace management. Properly conducted investigations can help resolve conflicts, improve workplace culture, and protect the legal rights of both the employee and the employer.

An employer is obligated to adhere to principles of procedural fairness when administering discipline, so the need for an investigation typically emerges in instances of suspected employee misconduct, especially before a termination for cause, as well as in situations involving allegations of harassment or discrimination.

A proper investigation reduces an employer’s potential risk of liability and negative consequences such as human rights complaints, civil action, and punitive damages awards.

Some ways we can assist with workplace investigations include:

• Advising whether an investigation is necessary;
• Analysing an investigation report and providing guidance on next steps; and/or
• Conducting an independent third-party investigation.

In the intricate landscape of workplace investigations, we bring a critical eye and a comprehensive understanding of the law, ensuring that investigations, where necessary, are conducted thoroughly, confidentially, fairly, and in strict compliance with relevant legislation and organizational policies.

If you need assistance in conducting a workplace investigation, contact Alana Hughes or Jasmine Tsang.