Construction Law

As a firm we are proud to represent a number of clients involved in the construction industry.  We can assist you with:

  • subdivisions
  • strata developments
  • joint venture agreements
  • subcontractor contracts
  • partnership and shareholder agreements
  • ongoing compliance advice
  • bid preparation
  • contract disputes
  • zoning issues
  • builders lien claims
  • bid disputes with owners
  • freedom of information requests


David Hughes is the recipient of the 2014 Owner Consultant award from SICA.  He brings unique insight into the construction bidding process from his time spent as senior in-house counsel for the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. As part of this, he worked on all aspects of bidding processes, from helping create bid documents, advising on how to respond to questions from bidders, evaluating bids for compliance and negotiating the contracts arising from such bids. He was BCLC’s lead counsel for the acquisition and development of new office and warehouse spaces in Vancouver. His unique insight into the owner’s side of projects can be an advantage to you in helping to prepare your bid, or pursue a claim based on the bid. David has drafted a variety of construction agreements and clauses as well as represented builders in tendering disputes, builders liens claims and contractual disputes.

Jeff Frame is one of BC’s leading land-use lawyers with particular experience in dealing with the various levels of government. He has represented a number of landowners, developers, and builders in complex regulatory disputes involving zoning and O.C.P. compliance, D.C.C.’s, latecomer agreements, subdivision servicing standards, road and parkland dedication requirements, expropriation, and tendering disputes. He also handles land disputes between private parties including collapsed real estate transactions, trespass, nuisance, boundary and easement disputes, construction defects, and builders liens.

Lukas Kozak is an associate at Forward Law LLP who is can assist a variety of clients with bidding and tendering disputes. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for helping clients navigate the complexities of procurement law, Lukas is dedicated to providing excellent services that help his clients achieve their goals.