Civil Litigation

Sometimes, despite your best efforts things often don’t work out as planned. You may have a problem getting someone to live up to his/her end of a bargain; someone may be expropriating your land or preventing you from fully enjoying your property. You may be required to appear before a tribunal or council concerning: land use, property taxes, environmental issues or mining activity proposed on or near your property. It is easy to feel overwhelmed.

Getting the right advice early on is crucial to the successful management and resolution of any legal dispute as limitation periods may apply that prevent you from making a claim after a certain amount of time has passed. Understanding your rights, your risks, and your options puts you back in control. That is where we can help. We have the substantive legal knowledge and the first-hand experience before the courts and tribunals and with all levels of government to competently navigate you through the complex web of legal and administrative obstacles that lie in your path and to get back to calmer waters.

We are here to support you when things start to go wrong. We will give you frank, honest, and understandable advice. We will tell you what you need to hear: the good and the bad. We will help you plot out and execute a course of action that is right for you. If we can help you reach a fair settlement we will; if we need to go to court and fight, we will.

Our Kamloops civil litigation lawyers are Jeff Frame, Jasmine Tsang and Lukas Kozak.