First Nations & Aboriginal Law

We are proud to provide innovative legal services and advocacy to a number of First Nations Bands and indigenous individuals from across British Columbia. Our work for indigenous peoples falls in to three main areas:

1. Governance and Human Resources;
2. Lands, Title and Rights; and
3. Economic Development.

In these areas we have specific experience in:

1. Developing policies and bylaws to help enable Bands to exercise increased levels of self-governance, including in dealing with matters such as housing, trespass, business licences, and the regulation of activities on Reserve, such as filming, nuisances, banishment, dangerous animals, etc.;

2. Advising on all types of employment matters, including preparing employment contracts and releases and the hiring and termination of employees.  We have represented Bands before various levels of court and tribunals;

3. Advising upon, drafting and negotiating mutual benefit agreements / impact benefit agreements / joint venture agreements with entities wishing to engage in economic development on First Nations lands;

4. Incorporating companies and forming limited partnerships for pursuing economic development opportunities, including in areas such as forestry, mining and agriculture;

5. Developing standard form contracts for use in acquiring goods and services

6. Assisting and representing our clients in defamation claims and cases, including successfully getting Facebook to remove a defamatory post;

7. Advising and developing consistent governance policies on things such as procurement and conflicts of interest;

8. Advising and representing our clients with respect to the interpretation of election codes and the development of Land Codes; and

9. Providing strategic advice and counsel to Chief and Counsel, including advice on aboriginal rights and title, the Crown’s duty to consult and accommodate, and negotiations with other entities and levels of government, as requested.

We provide prompt and practical advice and have a track record of helping our clients achieve successful outcomes. As our name implies, we are forward-thinkers. Our goal is to form long-term relationships and help build a foundation for our clients’ future successes.

For assistance with First Nations and andigenous law, seek advice from David Hughes.