Dispute Resolution

Calling all fellow legal professionals!

At Forward Law, we’re rolling out the red carpet for our new mediation services, specifically designed for cases where clients are already in the capable hands of lawyers like you. I get it—sometimes, despite our best efforts, reaching an amicable solution feels more like navigating a minefield than a straightforward path. That’s where I come in.  Not only am I am a trained mediator, I have worked with some of the best litigators in the industry.  Further, I am in the middle of my dispute resolution LLM at Osgoode Hall and on my way to be a certified arbitrator.

Why Bring me to the Table?

I am trained in mediation, but I also run a firm and have a full litigation practice myself.  I understand the nuances of negotiation and the importance of preserving professional relationships. It’s like having a translator for the legal and human elements of a dispute.

We all know the drill—litigation can be a bottomless pit of time and expense. I aim to pull out the plug, offering a cost-effective and timely solution. Think of me as your budget-friendly, clock-watching ally.

Of course, everything discussed in mediation stays in mediation, providing a secure environment for open, honest dialogue. It’s the vault service your case needs for sensitive negotiations.

Your case isn’t one-size fits all, so why should your mediation be? I always tailor my approach to fit the unique fabric of each dispute, ensuring that the resolution suits everyone’s style.

Our doors are open for business.  We’re here to lighten your load and brighten your client’s outlook.

I believe in the power of mediation to transform disputes into resolutions.  Reach out to me, Alana Hughes, today, and let’s get the conversation started.