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I have for the past twenty-eight years worked with individuals and companies to resolve land use and development issues: sometimes through negotiation; sometimes through litigation; oftentimes through a bit of both. I enjoy my work. I enjoy the challenge of identifying and resolving complex problems or sets of problems. I find negotiating solutions to difficult situations, rewarding. Where negotiation is not the solution, I am up for the fight: after all, it’s what I do.

I provide legal services from both our Kamloops and Vancouver offices. I have:

– Protected a rancher’s right to limit a neighbour’s access over a registered easement

– Represented owners who built retaining walls or docks along shorelines

– Removed a member of a city council for lying during an election

– Terminated an access easement to the second story of an adjoining building

– Established an owner’s right to continue with a lawful nonconforming use of his land

– Defended a vendor wrongfully accused of defrauding the purchasers

– Collected a realtor’s commission on a sale that the realtor did not know about

– Recovered from a local government the value of land it had sold at a tax sale

– Forced a co-owner to sell his interest in a lakefront property

– Obtained compensation for expropriated landowners

– Advised numerous businesses And owners navigating through the myriad of laws, rules, policies, and regulations affecting the use And development of land.

– Represented landowners confronted by mining companies wanting entry

– Set aside an expropriation bylaw as being beyond the government’s authority

– Presented at the 2014 Land Summit on B.C. Mineral Tenure Legislation

– Presented at the BC Expropriation Association on the enforceability of positive covenants

– Presented at Thompson Rivers University on public roads


  • Civil Litigation
  • Municipal Law
  • Construction Law
  • Expropriation
  • Property Disputes


  • Called To The Bar of The State Of Nevada, 2002
  • Called To The Bar of British Columbia, 1994
  • LLB, University of British Columbia, 1993
  • BA, McGill University, 1989


  • Member, Kamloops Bar Association
  • Member, British Columbia Expropriation Association
    *Provides Services Through A Law Corporation


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